Honoring the Ancestors of Ancient America

The Midwestern Epigraphic Society researches the ancient migrations of mankind around the world especially Pre-Columbian to the Americas and particularly to the Midwest US, as revealed by cultural similarities, archaic writing, ancient world history and evidence found by modern science.

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The Midwestern Epigraphic Society is a group of individuals passionate about the ancient migration discoveries across the globe.

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Brandenberg stone Correct Year

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Brandenburg Stone Transactions

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New Burrows Cave Sun Symbol

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From Rich Moats:

“I want to introduce you to Don McMahon, author of a book titled “A Seafarer’s Decoding of the Irish Symbols”. In his book he lays out an exquisite argument for the proof that ancient seafarers were in the Americas as early as 4000BC. He demonstrates how it was well within the capability of these early sailors to cross the Atlantic and leave evidence of their crossing in symbols common to navigation of the time right under our noses in Ireland, and all over the eastern US.

What I presented two years ago “Who Were The Hopewell”, where I put forth a theory for the implantation of geometry and math into the precursors for the Hopewell culture, is only scratching the surface, Don takes it to a much deeper level.”

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