Who We Are

The Midwestern Epigraphy Society (MES) is a public educational organization that promotes the study and research of epigraphy, languages, alphabets, antiquities, and diffusion of the cultures of the world as it particularly applies to pre-Columbian contacts with the Americas. MES uses sources found in libraries, museums, obscure books and journals, manuscripts, plus new discoveries in archaeology and associated scientific fields.

MES welcomes people with casual interest in these subjects as well as those pursuing more scholastic goals. Many members are specialists in specific areas and share it with the club. So, you can find your own rewarding niche in MES!

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Our Members

Dave Rush – President

Jack Burgess – Vice President

Daneen Axelrod – Secretary/Treasurer

Pat White

Bill Barr – Photographer/Special Projects

Welson Mortine

Altman ALLEN

Boutet Michael-Gérald

Bradt Daniel

Burbutes Phillip

Burchell James H.

Burgess Jack & Kathleen

Calvert Hamilton E”Buzz

Caniff David

Conner Roberta

Creager Charles F.

Feiertag John

Fejes Dr. Pál

Finefrock Chris

Frees Rocky

Gallagher Siebahn M.

Gallant Lawrence C.



Henson B. Bart

Herberger Charles F.

Hirshfeld Judy

Johannessen Dr. Carl L.

Koetter Larry & Sue Ellen

Konczak Edward M.

Lee Dr.Sui Leung

McCulloch Dr. J. Huston

Midgley Polly

Nathan Richard&Onalee

Nelson Lyle

Padgitt Margarett R.

Payne Dr John V

Pennington Lee

Pinnell Shelly

Portilla Joe

Rodgers Wayne

Sexton Roger

Studdard Paul

Tippmann Don

Wakefield Jay

Wilson Robert

Wolter Scott F.

Yates Donald